ENC Network is part of ENC Private Ltd. Its state-of-the-art studios and editorial offices are located in a 5-acre complex in Sector 68 of the capital’s media hub, NOIDA.

The new media conglomerate has initiated several projects in the TV news channels, print and web domains. The forays into broadcasting include: a national TV news channel and four regional news channels under the brand, APN News. Print products include: re-launch and revamp of India Legal,  India’s first politico-legal fortnightly magazine as a one-of-its-kind journalistic endeavor with an investigative spin; Views on News, another unique magazine that monitors and takes a critical look at the challenging, competitive world of Indian and global media every fortnight; and Akbari,  a weekly newspaper in Hindi and Urdu. The organization has several 24 X 7 news web portals.

ENC also operates a nationwide TV news service and a dedicated media monitor unit that scrutinizes more than 130 TV channels in different Indian languages.

ENC is equipped with high-tech, up-to-date studios, and other technological and infrastructural facilities for both TV and print media. The campus boasts of a large cafeteria, where food and refreshments are available round-the-clock. ENC provides pick-and-drop cab facility to its fast-growing staff strength.

India Legal, RNC’s flagship product is a credible news magazine with a pan-India presence. Packed with in-depth reports, analyses, breaking stories, thought-inspiring features, views and insights on politico-legal issues, the fortnightly empowers and enlightens the citizens on several issues that touch their lives. While it offers a unique inside look at the workings of the Indian legal system (judges, courts, lawyers, prison networks and those who make or break laws) with journalistic panache and high production values, India Legal is by no means produced exclusively for the legal fraternity. The magazine covers important political, economic, corporate, and social developments, but within the context of legal relevance and parameters. Thus, it is by no means a specialist product. It has a unique universal appeal.

The re-launched India Legal, India’s first independent magazine, reaches over 200,000 readers across all the states. These include young professionals, housewives, politicians, policy makers, businesspersons, bureaucrats and, of course, members of the legal establishment. APN News has leveraged the magazine into a daily prime-time show with the same name to be aired five days a week.

The magazine is edited by experienced, independent, and award-winning professionals with international recognition. Credibility, quality, relevance, and high production values are its hallmarks. And these standards are maintained by proficient editors with an extensive knowledge of the changes in reading habits and information needs of magazine audiences.

India Legal’s niche orientation within a framework of mass appeal is a unique journalistic amalgam of the general with the specific. It is editorially crafted to rivet the reader’s mind.  Where we depart from the ordinary is with the realization of a new angle: that any news, event or breaking story usually involves a powerful legal angle and perspective.

Indian democracy rests on a bedrock of interlocking laws, many of them that are still evolving, changing, and disappearing. Every institution of governance, private lives of citizens, legislature and executive, business community, cyberspace, digital and mass entertainment media, electoral process, health and medical care, and education come under the ambit of laws and regulations.






      Our Reach:

  • President’s Office 
  • Prime Minister’s Office
  • Large business groups, and medium and small sized firms
  • Members Of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies
  • Ministries Of Central & State Governments
  • Central and State Bureaucrats
  • Top Media Professionals
  • Social Networkers
  • Supreme Court
  • High Courts
  • Lower Courts
  • Senior Lawyers
  • Advocates and Pleaders
  • Law Colleges, and their students

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