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Of Hawala and Halal

Raids on meat exporter Moin Qureshi and former CBI head Amar Pratap Singh may put the spotlight on several former ministers, current ones and political middlemen.  By Shantanu Guha Ray

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Breach of Convention

A 2012 Comptroller and Auditor General report exposes how legislature’s authority was ignored by the Income Tax department while making refunds in crores. By Devendra Singh

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How green is my valley?

The high profile election battle in Varanasi brought into focus the need for cleaning the Ganga and other rivers. But top environmental activist MC Mehta has waged a struggle for our rivers and forests for decades now. By Diva Arora

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Terror Trail

The new government has to devise novel strategies to tackle increased militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan. By Col R Hariharan

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Suicide, Lies and Videotapes

A chilling first person insider account of how the hollywood blockbuster, American Hustle, has carved out a self-serving, fairy tale fantasy from the reality of a horror story. By Inderjit Badhwar

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You Need to Fear, You are a Man

Following the Amendment to the Indian penal code in february 2013, indecent behavior against a woman could land you in jail. is society on the same page as lawmakers? By Vishwas Kumar

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Did Ril Really Reap a Windfall?

An FAQ analysis of the complexities behind the FIR that alleges a sweetheart deal between congress ministers and a businessman By Alam Srinivas

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