Tale of Twin Troubles

A recent blast at the Chennai railway station brought into focus the increasing presence of terror outfits in Tamil Nadu, even as arrests in the state point to LTTE’s regrouping efforts.

By Col R Hariharan

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The New Face of Terror

Narendra Modi’s success in inviting the SAARC heads of states for his swearing-in ceremony was heralded as a diplomatic masterstroke. But what eluded most of the foreign policy experts was that he was possibly forced to take the decision. The fact is that in the near future talks between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are crucial.

By Vishwas Kumar

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Off with his Face!

The main problem is not freedom of discussion for politicians or media bigwigs but the random and wholly unpredictable risk faced by the little guy, should he attract the ire of overzealous officials or bigots. Today, even a Facebook “like” can get you into legal trouble.

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India's Hour of Shame

Ultimately, the rape and hanging of two minor girls in Katra, Badaun, that has provoked worldwide outrage, is the result of a systemic rot. It has happened before—maybe not in this defiant and intrusive way that challenged every civilized norm and mocked every law ever made—and it will continue to happen, unless the caste divide disappears.

By Hema Badhwar Mehra with Shefali Misra

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Mission Possible

He does not want any third party “intervention, prompting or pressure” in Kashmir. He believes that Pakistan harbors a “compulsive hostility” against India. He thinks of Maoists as “enemy of the state”. 

By Vishwas Kumar

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Journey through the seven seas

As the first Asian to set up a solicitor’s firm in London, Sarosh Zaiwalla’s clients included Indian prime ministers, bollywood actors, and large firms in Iran and China.

Alam Srinivas

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Encryption is the answer

Some techniques that you can use to protect computer and smartphone privacy.

Julia Angwin

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