National Security

Modi’s Cowboy

The Taliban, Al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Taiba are grouping to bring their sinister designs to fruition in Kashmir. A report by VISHWAS KUMAR. Read the story here :

Trouble along the Palk Strait

LTTE’s fragment groups outside Sri Lanka have forged ties with militant groups in Tamil Nadu. COL R HARIHARAN describes the genesis of the trouble. Read the story here :


Like and risk your life

Goa-based Devu Chodankar’s arrest for his facebook post on Modi points to the dangers to freedom of expression for the
common man, writes JAGDISH SAGAR. Read the story here :

Whose rights are paramount?

Dreaded criminals’ death sentences were commuted because of the dehumanizing delays by the president on their mercy petitions. Is the society on the same page as a reformist Supreme Court, asks MEHA MATHUR. Read the story here :

They deserve dignity too

The gay community has knocked on the doors of the judiciary for its rights under Article 21. But in this battle, the parliament may have to pass the right law. An account by INDIA LEGAL TEAM. Read the story here :


India’s hour of shame

The rape and murder of two village girls in Badaun brings into focus Uttar Pradesh’s, and India’s caste biases and hopeless gender equations. A first-hand account of the state of anarchy at ground zero by HEMA BADHWAR MEHRA AND SHEFALI MISRA. Read the story here : 


Foreign Policy

A balancing act in the far-east

As the NDA sets out to strengthen relations with China, it will have to reckon with the escalating tensions among the East Asian countries in South China Sea, analyzes DIVYA JOHN. Read the story here :



Carl Lewis expresses faith in Indian sports. Read the story here :


Film Review

Catch the film review of City Lights with India Legal, by Ramesh Menon. Read the story here :

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